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Secondly, welcome! We are so thrilled to have you on our team. Since many of you are new and today is a holiday for most, I wanted to take this opportunity to showcase some past work and give a spotlight to our incredible writers.

A little background for you…

End of the Bench started in 2019 as a pre-pandemic idea by myself and a few other people who love sports and comedy. After a few years of finding our footing, making constant tweaks, and figuring out what platform was best for us (we love Substack), we finally got our breakthrough last year, when we had over 10,000 unique readers visit our site.

While our team of now 60+ writers primarily publishes fake news stories about the world of sports, we also produce other forms of humor and satire, including, but not limited to:



Fake Ads


Dad Jokes

On top of that, we produce a weekly fake news show on YouTube called “Short Sports,” hosted by a really funny, talented, and not to mention devilishly handsome guy named Chuck Maxwell.

While you are (hopefully) enjoying a day off on this President’s Day, give our old stuff a read, watch some of our videos, and immerse yourself fully in End of the Bench. Also, give us a follow on social!

We have no plans of slowing down anytime soon, and sincerely thank you once again for being with us. Whether you’re a new friend, an OG, or just stumbled upon our site accidentally, your readership means the world.

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