Quiz: Are you a Retired NFL player or Military Veteran?

Know the difference this Veteran's Day.

Are you having trouble figuring out if you played in the National Football League or are a Military Veteran? Think no more! Our quiz will help set the record straight and help you decide if you’re allowed to be thanked for your service today.For every answer of “Yes,” you receive one point.  1) Did you wear a helmet at your previous job?2) Despite doing so, do you still have constant headaches?3) Are your eyes sensitive to light?4) Is there a constant ringing in your ears?5) Do you often feel angry, but can’t explain why?6) Did people ever blame you for bigger things at your place of employment that are wildly out of your control?7) Do people often assume things based on your prior work experience?8) Does that prior work still affect your personal relationships with others today?9) Did the people in charge of your former organization not always have your best interest in mind?10) Did your previous organization have documented historical evidence that shows patterns of institutional racism, sexual misconduct, and financial corruption?11) Were you paid millions of dollars to deal with all of the items mentioned in the questions above?*BONUS* (adds two points to the final score)12) Do you get free pancakes at IHOP every year on November 11th?Scoring0-11: You're an NFL veteran.12: You're a Veteran of the United States Armed Forces.

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