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Pistons Fans Storm NBA League Office, Refuse to Accept Lottery Loss

Stop the Steal!

Stop the Steal!

NEW YORK - In an extraordinary display of public dissatisfaction, a large group of Detroit Pistons fans stormed the NBA League Office in Manhattan yesterday, vehemently refusing to accept the results of the recent NBA Draft Lottery in which their team did not secure a top pick.

With just a 3% chance of winning, the Atlanta Hawks will pick first overall, while Detroit, who had the highest odds and worst record in the entire league this season, will pick fifth. 

Carrying signs that read “Recount the Balls” and “Justice for Detroit,” the fans expressed their outrage over what they deemed an "unfair draw." Despite video evidence clearly showing each lottery ball being selected without bias, fans were unswayed by the factual presentation.

"We've seen the videos, but how do we know these balls aren't actors?" questioned Barry Hold, a self-appointed leader of the Pistons faithful. "They might look round and bouncy on TV, but so does CGI these days!"

The group’s refusal to accept the lottery results mirrors a deeper level of mental gymnastics occurring nationwide. Many people have disputed the undeniable transparency of the NBA's lottery process but also ignored the internal missteps that have contributed to the Pistons' historical struggles. 

Instead of examining draft strategies, player development, or potential problematic personnel within the larger organization, the discourse has been dominated by conspiracy theories about rigged ping-pong balls. 

League Commissioner Adam Silver attempted to reason with the crowd by offering a detailed explanation of the lottery mechanism and even showed the certification of the independent auditing firm responsible for overseeing the draw. 

However, his efforts were drowned out by chants of “Stop the Steal!”

"Look, we understand the fans’ passion," an exasperated Silver told reporters after being escorted back to his office under heightened security. "But questioning the integrity of non-sentient ping-pong balls might not be the hill to die on."

The protest took a bizarre turn when fans demanded a tour of the NBA headquarters to "inspect the premises for hidden magnets and trap doors." Security personnel were able to redirect the crowd to the nearby gift shop where special discounts on Pistons merchandise were hastily arranged to quell the unrest.

Meanwhile, critics of the protest pointed out that the Pistons’ repeated lottery misfortunes could more plausibly be attributed to their own organizational decisions rather than nefarious league conspiracies.

“Maybe we should look into our scouting department before blaming physics-defying ping-pong balls,” suggested longtime Pistons fan Marsha Green, who watched the chaos unfold on TV from her home in Detroit. “Introspection can be a tough swig of Gatorade to swallow though.” 

As the day ended, the protest fizzled out with fans slowly dispersing, some clutching newly purchased Pistons gear and others still muttering about returning next year for another "draft audit." 

End of the Bench will have more on this story after we finish putting away our pitchforks.

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