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Cade Cunningham Announces Immediate Retirement Following NBA Draft Lottery

What a career.

DETROIT - Former Oklahoma State men’s basketball star and high school phenom Cade Cunningham has reportedly told those close to his circle that he is planning to retire from professional basketball instead of keeping his name in the 2021 NBA Draft.A source tells EOTB that Cunningham’s decision came shortly after the Detroit Pistons were awarded the first overall pick in Tuesday night’s NBA Draft Lottery, a process designed to give losing teams the best chance at picking the best available players in July’s NBA Draft. Cunningham is widely projected to be the first overall selection in the upcoming annual event.“There's really no major flaws in Cunningham's game,” wrote CBS’ Kyle Boone. “Scouts I have spoken with in recent months are convinced he will undoubtedly be a productive two-way NBA player. In evaluating him, fit isn't much of a concern at all, either; he's likely capable of fitting in on any team.”Despite all of the glowing reviews of his game and a path to potential stardom just a month away from starting, Cunningham reportedly would rather “go back to college, work part-time or just stare at the wall.”“Maybe he will backpack in Europe or start a book club. Hell, maybe he’ll just sit at home and stare at the wall,” a source tells EOTB. “He is literally willing to do anything besides play in Detroit.”The Pistons, who had a 14% chance of obtaining the first pick, finished last season with an abysmal 20-52 record.Drafting first overall hasn’t happened in the Motor City since 1970 when the team took NBA Hall of Famer Bob Lanier.That kind of historic pedigree apparently still isn’t enough for Cunningham."I mean can you blame him? It's Detroit,” the source said on condition of anonymity. “It’s cold as hell there.”The world will know Cunningham’s next plans sooner rather than later, as the latest date to technically withdraw from the NBA Draft is July 19th, with the event itself set for the 29th.


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