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Lakers Reportedly Interested in [NBA PLAYER UPSET WITH CURRENT TEAM]

Evergreen headline

LOS ANGELES - The Lakers are reportedly interested in trading for [UNHAPPY NBA PLAYER], after the [TEAM OF UNHAPPY PLAYER] and [LAST NAME OF UNHAPPY NBA PLAYER]'s relationship has “soured” in recent months, sources tell End of the Bench.

“You can count on the Lakers calling [TEAM'S CITY] about [UNHAPPY NBA PLAYER] this summer, especially as we get closer to the [CURRENT YEAR] NBA draft,” the source added. “They’re looking to make a big splash this off-season, and teams say they are willing to part with young assets and draft picks in hopes of landing [LAST NAME OF UNHAPPY NBA PLAYER] to complement LeBron James.”

Rumors of the potential trade started swirling over the weekend, after [UNHAPPY NBA PLAYER] and the [UNHAPPY PLAYER’S TEAM] have failed to make any progress this off-season on a [MOST LIKELY OVERPRICED] long-term contract, leading many in NBA circles to wonder aloud about what the future for [LAST NAME OF UNHAPPY NBA PLAYER] may hold, including King James himself.

“I’d love to play with [TWITTER HANDLE OF UNHAPPY NBA PLAYER] someday” James tweeted late Sunday night. “My boy [INSERT CLEVER NICKNAME FOR UNHAPPY NBA PLAYER] is tough!!!!”

If history tells us anything, it looks like the Lakers’ front office will be busy once again leading up to the [CURRENT YEAR] NBA Draft.

End of the Bench will have more as this story annually develops.

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