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NBA Scouts Say Bronny James Has Potential To Be The Next Lebron James Teammate

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By Devin Wallace

With less than three weeks until the NBA draft, scouts are converging in their assessment of Bronny James, Lebon James’ son, saying it’s clear the 19-year-old has all the makings of the next Lebron James teammate.

The USC prospect, projected to be a second-round pick, has scouts divided on his shooting, playmaking, and size. Still, sources tell End of the Bench there is unanimous agreement that Bronny perfectly fits the mold of someone who sits next to Lebron on the bench.

“I absolutely think he could be the next Lebron,” said a long-time scout, before coughing and clarifying. “...’s teammate, you know, for moral support. Bronny has everything a player needs to succeed at the highest level of being Lebron’s teammate: a close personal relationship, and that’s about it.”

Few scouts are surprised at what they’re seeing at Bronny’s private workouts: Lebron James telling Bronny what to do and say.

Those around the league say the years Bronny spent following Lebron’s fatherly guidance (doing the dishes, picking up his room) bode well for a future spent following Lebron’s on-court orders (standing in the corner, making threes, selling tickets).

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As the son of possibly the Greatest Player of All Time, it makes sense that Bronny has a chance to be the next Greatest Player of All Time’s coworker.

One General Manager who wished to remain anonymous said the potential is even greater than some think.

“Bronny has those special intangibles a player needs to be Lebron’s teammate. Knowing when to laugh at a corny joke, when to nod at a faux-deep statement, and when to pretend to believe Lebron when he says he invented things like the zone defense and Toaster Strudel,” they said. “When you add up those skills, you realize only one name makes sense as a comparison: Kendrick Perkins.”

The GM then showed video footage, comparing Perkins’ legendary 2018 season support Lebron on the bench to clips of Bronny with his father.

“Look at their movement, specifically when Lebron scores. The cheer, the clap, the intricate handshake with another benchwarmer. Look at their court vision, immediately identifying where Lebron is and the best path through the assistant coaches to give him a high-five. Bronny is doing things most of Lebron’s teammates don’t do until they’re washed up in their late 30s. He’s only 19. This is special.”

If the scouting reports are correct, Bronny is destined for Springfield and the Naismith Hall of Fame, where he’ll no doubt end up watching from the front row when Lebron James is inducted.

End of the Bench will have more on this story after enjoying some more nepotism.

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