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EA Sports College Football ‘25 Game Trailer Reveals Villain

The lair of the Final Boss.

By Clay Beyersdorfer

REDWOOD CITY, CA—In a shocking and somewhat inevitable turn of events, EA Sports has revealed the primary antagonist in its upcoming College Football ‘25 game: the NCAA. 

The announcement has left fans both bemused and entertained, as the governing body of college athletics becomes the ultimate bad guy.

“In 2019 alone, the NCAA made over $1.1 billion, while the average student-athlete received nothing,” the trailer's narrator intones, setting the stage for what promises to be a game steeped in dark irony. The trailer juxtaposes images of athletes juggling grueling schedules and part-time jobs with shots of NCAA executives toasting their latest profits.

Gameplay mechanics will reportedly “reflect the harsh realities faced by real-life student-athletes,” a source tells End of the Bench.

Players will have to navigate a series of bureaucratic hurdles, including compliance paperwork and random dorm inspections, all while trying to maintain their academic and athletic performance. 

The final boss battle is not against a rival team, but in a courtroom, where players argue for the right to profit from their likenesses. Success brings no riches or endorsements, only the grim satisfaction of challenging an entrenched system.

“We wanted to create the most authentic college football experience possible,” said EA Sports’ president Cam Weber. “By making the NCAA the villain, we’re highlighting the real struggles student-athletes face every day. It was either them [NCAA] or Kevin Spacey, and I think we made the right choice.”

The announcement has been met with a mix of laughter and disbelief. 

“I never thought I’d see the day where the NCAA is a video game villain,” said one anonymous fan. “But I also never thought it would take this long for the game to come back. I’m glad to see they’re covering everything.”

The NCAA has declined to comment, but insiders suggest their portrayal does not amuse them. Meanwhile, gamers and college sports enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting the chance to take on the institution that has long been criticized for exploiting student-athletes.

And for those who think the NCAA's portrayal is over the top, EA Sports has a simple message: 

"Wait until you see the DLC, where you have to choose between paying for textbooks or eating dinner."

End of the Bench will have more on this story after we build our offline dynasty.

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