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Bravo Releases Newest Hit: “The Real Dads Of Little League”

Watch out, umpire... because Daddy’s home.

Tough love only.

By Rebecca Jaffe

Bravo has dropped the trailer for what it hopes to be its latest installment of drama, “The Real Dads of Little League.”

The entertainment channel released the following description for the show:

You’d thought you’d seen it all, the drama, the betrayal, the intrigue, but you haven’t seen anything…yet. We’re heading to the sexy town of Peoria, Illinois, where the tension is heating up between a neighborhood of midwestern dads, the likes of which you’ve never seen. Tune in every week for non-stop arguments about whose kid is the best player on the team, whose lawn looks the best, and just what the hell “That Joe Biden” is up to!

The reality show stars the likes of Eric Wilson, a 46-year-old state worker, who is seen in the trailer calling the umpire a “piece of sh!t” following a bad third-strike call.

Tim Brown, a 42-year-old real estate agent, is also seen getting tipsy on too many Miller Lites, resulting in a spicy confrontation with Eric. 

Brown can be overheard saying “YOUR SON BATS LIKE A PU$$Y,” leading to a fight. 

Neither of these father of the year candidates, however, match up to the rising star whom producers describe as the “queen of the castle,” 49-year-old mechanic Bob Smith.

As the self-described “alpha” of the group, Smith is often seen as the patriarch and is shown in the trailer punching both Eric and Tim in the face repeatedly despite the outcry of his nearby wife, Judy.

Throughout the trailer, fellow dad Arthur Jones, a 41-year-old policeman, is also featured.

“I don’t care what the tests say,” he’s seen telling his wife during the game, “Autism is a scam and my kid doesn’t have it. PLAY BALL!”

Topping off the cast is Bradley Thomas, a 43-year-old attorney, who couldn’t be in the trailer “because he was held up in court.”

“Work got intense again, babe. I hope you understand,” said a voicemail left by Thomas on his wife’s phone. “Tell Bradley Jr. to go get ‘em and I’ll try to be home for dinner.”

Early reviews have hailed the series as “transformational” and “something that absolutely nobody asked for.”

“If you thought NBA players were divas,” said one anonymous source. “Wait until you meet these Little League dads.”

Sources tell End of the Bench that “The Real Dads of Little League” will be a single-season series and not picked up for a second after Bob called Andy Cohen a slur during the show’s end-of-season reunion. Also, Bradley didn’t show up. Again.

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