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Winning Teams Achieve Perfect 50-0 Record in First March Madness Weekend

Unbelievable statistic.

By Dave Henry

HOUSTON - The first weekend of March Madness was one for the record books, as winning teams finished an amazing 50-0.

All 50 games played last weekend in the NCAA Men’s basketball tournament, including 2 play-in games, 32 first-round matchups, and 16 second-round matchups, were won by the winning team.

“It was a great week for the winning teams,” said CBS analyst Seth Davis. “Not since last year's tournament have the winning teams been so dominant.”

Last year’s NCAA champion Kansas managed to win the entire tournament without losing a single game. Sports historians say that feat has only occurred 83 times in history, happening only once every single year since the first NCAA champion was crowned in 1939.

End of the Bench research also found that the losing teams were a ridiculous 0-50 this past weekend.

“We’ve not seen anything like this since last year,” a source tells EOTB. 

Noting these trends, Vegas oddsmakers caution bettors not to put their money on losing teams as well as avoiding picking teams that score fewer points than their opponents.

“There has been a huge trend toward the team that scores more points winning the game,” said Joe Lunardi, ESPN’s leading bracketologist. “So, when assessing the matchups, bet on the team that scores more points to win outright.” 

In addition, the ESPN college basketball expert reported that the teams that covered the spread last weekend were a gaudy 50-0 against the spread. Conversely, those teams that failed to cover the spread were a measly 0-50.

Not to be outdone by the on-court play, it was also reported that 100% of the commercials during the games either featured Kevin Hart or were about insurance.

End of the Bench will update these statistics after next weekend’s slate of NCAA tournament games.

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