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Vikings Surround Themselves with Plexiglass to Avoid Losing to Lions Again

The ultimate protection.

by Clay Beyersdorfer

MINNEAPOLIS - The Minnesota Vikings have reportedly surrounded themselves with plexiglass to avoid future exposure to the Detroit Lions, a source tells End of the Bench.The Vikings, who are no stranger to hiding from more appropriate solutions to solvable problems, were reportedly seen constructing small plexiglass bubbles inside the team’s locker room following their last-second blunder against the winless Lions.Asked why the team would go to such extreme lengths to avoid having to play a very defeatable opponent again, a source tells EOTB the players made “a personal and private” decision inspired by quarterback Kirk Cousins’ solution to combat the COVID-19 virus earlier this season."If we don't come out of the bubble, the Lions can't get us," an anonymous Vikings player told EOTB.The Lions’ win marks the organization’s first in nearly a full calendar year, with the last coming on Dec. 6, 2020 against the Chicago Bears.Despite the historic occasion, all eyes were on the Vikings’ inability to handle something that so many other teams have proven to do so successfully this year.“You’d think they would just use the proven gameplan a lot of other teams have been using to beat them [Lions] so we could just move on to next week,” a fan said on the plexiglass solution. “I guess that’s just their personal choice though.”Even though the next wave of Lions games isn’t until next year, Vikings fans will no doubt feel the side effects of losing to a team that had yet to eclipse the win column this season for years to come.“I don't care what happens, I’ll be sick the rest of the season over this,” the fan added. “We [fans] all showed up and did our job, it’s a shame they can’t do theirs.”The now 5-7 Vikings have a quick turnaround when they host the Steelers Thursday night before their last four games of the 2021 season.

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