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Travis Kelce Spikes Taylor Swift in the Endzone as Dating Rumors Swirl

TayTrav Stans forever.

By Clay Beyersdorfer

KANSAS CITY - In a display that left fans both bewildered and tickled, Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce allegedly spiked international pop star Taylor Swift in the endzone following Sunday’s victory against the Chicago Bears, End of the Bench has learned.

In the weeks leading up to Sunday’s game, rumors of flirtatious texts being exchanged between the two celebrities flooded the internet. Swift's attendance at the game, which happened to be in the Kelce family box, only added further fuel to the rumor wildfire.

Eyewitnesses at the game reported seeing Kelce, amid the celebratory chaos of victory, cradling Swift in his arms like a precious football before violently spiking her head and upper torso into the soft, yielding turf of the endzone. Swift, resplendent in a Chiefs jersey and red lipstick, reportedly emerged from the turf with a laugh and a wave to concerned on-lookers, her signature poise unshaken.

“He clearly is into her, I mean, has he ever cracked the L7 vertebrae of any of his other exes? I think not,” a source close to the two tells EOTB. “Their love and her crippling neck pain will last forever.”

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However, critics and fans have had a field day on social media with the incident, many decrying Kelce's unconventional, and some say cheesy, approach to wooing the award-winning singer.

"Travis, my man, spiking Taylor Swift is not how you get into the end zone." said ESPN NFL analyst Adam Schefter. “One thing is for sure, this is either going to be the most epic love story of our time or a total fumble. Back to you, Boom.”

Despite the flurry of criticism, sources close to the pair hint that Swift may be quite smitten with Kelce's quirky charm. Rumor has it that Swift has even been working on a new song inspired by the incident, tentatively titled “Full Heart, Broken Neck (Travis’ Song).”

As the world eagerly awaits the next bit of “TayTrav” news, one thing is certain: when it comes to romance, the future Hall of Famer isn’t afraid to go unconventional. 

End of the Bench will have more as this story develops.

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