Things to Consider During the MLB All-Star Break

A period for reflection.

With Major League Baseball’s All-Star Game providing little relief for our need for competitive sports and faced with the prospect of spending time with our families, what can we do? End of the Bench has come up with a few sports-related questions to consider while we all endure the small summer break. *

1: Just how bad are the Cubs?

They are terrible now and will get worse after the trade deadline. They are so bad they would depress Ernie Banks. If Ernie was on the team today, he’d probably say, “Let’s lose two!”

2: What NBA team will Ben Simmons not play for next season?

And related to that, what will sideline Ben next season? His mental health? His back? Some new ailments?

3: Will DeShaun Watson and Robert Kraft exchange notes on where to get a good massage? 

Getting a good massage on the road can be a challenge. Knowing where to go can be helpful.

4: Will the Lakers trade Russell Westbrook for Kyrie Irving?

And in a related question, which is more damaging to an NBA team, Kyrie not playing for a team, or Russell Westbrook playing for them?

5: Who will get to chase a ring with Steph Curry, LeBron James, or Kevin Durant?

LeBron James might not be a ring destination anymore. Plus, KD seems more of a chaser than a destination.

6: Will Baker Mayfield still make commercials from his stadium home in Cleveland?

I don’t know if Baker is a good NFL QB, but he’s the best pitchman in the league.

7: Where is offensive lineman, Richie Incognito?

I understand he retired as a Raider. I’m guessing Incognito will be hard to find. Why? Because he’s Incognito.

8: Why did White Sox owner, Jerry Reinsdorf, hire Tony LaRussa to manage the team?

Perhaps because Connie Mack and Casey Stengal were unavailable?

9: What’s the biggest problem with the Cubs franchise?

Some think it’s pitching, while others think the team’s health is affected by Ricketts.

10: How will Aaron Rodgers and Patrick Mahomes fare without their top receivers?

And perhaps an even bigger question is when will Rodgers turn on the Packers’ front office if things turn out poorly?

*If pondering these questions doesn’t help, try doing some research for your fantasy football team.

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