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Survey Reveals Los Angeles Residents Pleased to Learn of Local Team’s Super Bowl Victory

Shocking results.

With the opening kickoff of the 2022 National Football League season less than a month away, a survey of Los Angeles residents revealed an overall positive reaction to the news that the Los Angeles Rams won Super Bowl LVI earlier this year.

The survey conducted online and via “person on the street” interviews found that over 80% of Angelenos, when informed of the news, were either “somewhat stoked” or “very stoked.”

The following are survey findings as well as sample respondent commentary.

How Stoked Are You About the Rams Winning last Year’s Super Bowl?

They did?: 64%

I don’t follow soccer: 14%

I don’t follow the WNBA: 12%

Very stoked: 10%

“Congrats to those ladies”

“Which of our football teams is the Rams one? Dark blue or light blue?”

Now That You Have Been Informed About the Super Bowl Win, How Stoked Are You?

Very stoked: 67%

Somewhat stoked: 17%

I don’t follow the WNBA: 10%

Let me circle back to you: 6%

“I’d say somewhat. Now, you tell me Lebron and the boys got rings, put me down as very stoked.”

“Really? That is crazy awesome. Rams baby! That’s my team! Let’s go!”

Did You Attend the Championship Parade?

When is it?: 44%

No: 56%


Does News of the Championship Make You More Likely to Attend a Game in Person?

When is it?: 43%

Where is it?: 37%

Yes: 9%

No: 8%

Need to check my schedule: 3%

“Weekends are already slammed. You know how it is.”

“Mayyybeee middish October? Would that work?”

The Stadium is Actually in Inglewood. Please Answer the Same Question as the Above.

No: 84%

I would but Sunday Brunch Day: 7%

Who is playing at halftime?: 9%


“What is the helipad situation out there these days?”

“You didn’t mention that I would need my passport. Haha.”


Name Your Favorite Ram.

The dude from the phone commercial: 43%

Pass: 27%

Warren Beatty: 22%

Big fan of them all: 8%

“Who can tell with the helmets and such?”

“Here we go Lakers. Here we go!”

What Type of Rams Championship Merchandise Would You Be Most Likely to Purchase?

Bumper sticker: 8%

Keychain: 11%

License plate frame: 21%

Model S Tesla: 60%

“To be clear, the Tesla will be neither royal blue nor gold. We’re celebrating a world football championship, not a local bowling league.”

How Many Regular Season Games Do You Think the Rams Will Win This Season?

All of them: 55%

Respondents indicating 40 or more wins: 19%

Half: 15%

Respondents indicating less than 20: 11%

“Rams baby!!” 

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