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Steph Curry Hoping to Secure Missing Finals MVP Award, Remote Control

Where the heck is that thing?

SAN FRANCISCO - Golden State Warriors superstar Steph Curry hopes to secure his first NBA Finals MVP award with a series win over the Boston Celtics, saying it’s one of his top priorities for his career, along with finding the missing Roku remote control for his living room television.

“This is my top priority,” said Curry while staring at the entire living room from the doorway, hoping to spot the six-inch plastic remote. “Every day when I wake up, this is my focus. Ask any guy in the league, when they’re at home, at the gym, you’re always thinking where did I leave the damn remote? Oh, yeah, I’d also like to win a Finals MVP. That’d be cool, too.”

Curry’s teammates agree they’ve never seen the 34-year-old future Hall-of-Famer this motivated.

“He’s relentless, he won’t stop until he’s achieved all of his goals,” said Andre Iguodala, who spoke from his hands and knees by Curry’s couch. “Most guys think it’d be nice to win a Finals MVP or find the remote before new episodes of The Challenge: All-Stars. But Steph takes it to another level. He’s out there in the garage looking for the remote, he’s checking the car, I even saw him dive into the pool! It’s superhuman. There’s nowhere he won’t go to ensure the legacy of his career, but more importantly, to ensure he doesn’t get any spoilers for The Challenge: All-Stars.”

“He’s a machine,” said Warriors Coach Steve Kerr. “Day and night, he’s picking up blankets and putting them back down, then picking them up again to make sure he didn’t miss the remote. Opening drawers he’s never touched in years. I haven’t seen a work ethic like this since I saw Michael Jordan lose a remote controller in a Times Square Holiday Inn.”

Sources close to the team report Curry is doubtful for Game Six on Thursday if he can’t find the remote controller in time to set his DVR before tip-off.

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