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Sources Say Gisele Bündchen's Fantasy Football Team Just Tom Brady in "Retired" Status

Breakup news.

Sources close to the Bündchen-Brady family are reporting that Gisele has recently become engrossed in fantasy football, a hobby she picked up for the first time as her husband's 23rd NFL season got underway.

Although she had never shown an interest in fantasy football prior to this year, given her husband's back and forth about retiring last year and rumors that she is unhappy he is still playing, this may be the only way she can feel like she has input into his career choices.

"People engage in fantasy football to play 'football god' if you will, putting together a dream team that is a far cry from what even the best teams could create in reality," a clinical psychologist explained. "Perhaps Ms. Bündchen's taking the same opportunity to live in a fantasy world and create her dream family, one in which her husband spends time with them, something seemingly impossible for him to do in reality."

A family friend who spoke on the condition of anonymity said that they have gotten a peak at her screen from time to time and saw that somehow all her teams' player positions are filled by her husband, with his status in each slot set to 'retired.'"

"We didn't even know it was possible to have only one player on your team filling every position, much less that one could set a player's status to 'retired', but it looks like Gisele pulled off some pretty elaborate hacking to make it work," Yahoo Sports Director of Fantasy Football Operations said.

Some are speculating that this may be related to recent reports that Bündchen and Brady are living separately.

"Maybe she needed more room to devote to her new hobby of fantasizing that her husband was a retired football player and engaged family man, and the real him actually being there not retried and too busy for his family was getting in the way of that."

In light of this development in fantasy sports, End of the Bench is working to investigate whether Green Bay Packers fans may be doing the same thing to escape the reality that Aaron Rodgers is still their quarterback.

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