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Roger Goodell on Jon Gruden "We Have Standards to Uphold in the NFL"

The second round.

By Zach HankinsLAS VEGAS - Las Vegas Raiders head coach and former Hooters restaurant spokesman Jon Gruden officially resigned last night, after he was found to have used homophobic, racist, and sexist language in email correspondence across a seven-year period that ended in 2018.Most of the comments were directed toward NFL commissioner, Roger Goodell, who is often seen as the moral compass of the league. Goodell released the following statement regarding Gruden’s emails: I am disgusted by the comments made by coach Gruden and believe his resignation was the only correct move for the Raiders organization and for the league. The NFL has been proudly working and profiting off the LGBTQ community for months now, and language like this is unacceptable, nor does it reflect upon the high character we try to hold ourselves to every single day. Besides, it’s not like coach Gruden did anything trivial that we are normally able to work through. If he had covered up a murder scenesexually assaulted 10 to 22 masseusesgrabbed a college co-ed at a country bar in Ohiobeat a child with a switchbeat a woman in an elevator, or withheld the passports of cheerleaders in Costa Rica until they would pose topless in a photoshoot for him and his friends, that would all be fine. However, his comments were just as bad as smoking pot or slightly deflating a football, which is simply inexcusable.We look forward to putting this incident behind us and continuing to uphold the tradition of moral excellence within the NFL.  Gruden, who signed a 100 million dollar contract with the Raiders in 2018, sent the controversial emails to several recipients including Washington Football Team owner and multi-billionaire, Dan Snyder. When asked why Gruden is being forced to resign while Snyder isn't facing any disciplinary actions, commissioner Goodell said “The difference between a millionaire and a billionaire is about a billion dollars. I’ll leave it at that.”End of the Bench will have more as this story develops.

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