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Report: Basketball “Too Far” Into Snowy Yard to Go Get Right Now

It's long gone.

DRIVEWAY - Sources tell End of the Bench that the basketball you shot over the driveway hoop has rolled “too far” into your snow-covered yard to retrieve at this time.The basketball, making its first appearance since Thanksgiving, reportedly rolled into the snow just after you took an errant shot while waiting for your family to get in the car.“You could have heard a pin drop on that driveway, nobody was even out there to see it [the airball],” an on-looking neighbor shared with EOTB. “But it was pretty ugly.”Sources tell EOTB that you also don’t have the right shoes on to go get the ball at this time, setting up for what will be a very cold day for the basketball in question. “The hard part about this is that if he tries to go get that ball right now, his toes might freeze, leading to potential hypothermia,” said Dr. Sarah Valejo-Parker, your town’s resident physician. “In my expert medical opinion, I can’t recommend going to get it right now, especially with how upset his mother would be if he ruined those shoes.”Not to be outdone, it appears that your father has also shown some concern for the developing situation.“You should be put in jail for the way you just shot that ball!” your dad quipped as he stepped out onto the driveway. End of the Bench will have more as this story develops.


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