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Red Sox Streaker “Hopeful” MLB Will Allow Him Into Full Capacity Stadiums

Fingers crossed.

BOSTON - Local resident and known public streaker Bobby McHalahan declared Tuesday that “it’s about time” all Major League Baseball clubs open up to full capacity following the Boston Red Sox’s announcement that they would fully open up Fenway Park to fans by May 29. The Dorchester native, who is facing multiple charges for indecent exposure and public intoxication after running naked out onto the field during a night game at Fenway Park in 2019, talked about MLB’s reopening plans and his case for being allowed back to Fenway on a Tuesday early morning WEEI broadcast.“Look, last year was wicked hard. I only got to watch the Sox on TV and drink beers by myself” McHalahan said. “Couldn’t even have my buddy Stevie over to get hammered because he never wanted to wear a mask, or distance or any of that shit, it’s about damn time they opened up.” The Red Sox and other MLB clubs have been able to slowly increase the number of fans in attendance stadiums so far in 2021, following a pandemic year that saw mostly zero in-person attendance for the majority of the 2020 season.McHalan went on to say how momentous this occasion was for Boston and the entire country.“This city is ready for baseball again. They are ready for beers, to see the Yankees lose, to experience the real magic of Fenway Park,” he said. “This country has now gone too long without sports and everything that comes with it, which includes my junk now, unfortunately. The time for being wicked sad is over.”McHalan, who was banned from Fenway and all Massachusetts professional and amateur sports venues following the 2019 incident, is hopeful that given the hardship of 2020, his hometown team will let him re-enter the stadium once again.“I made a mistake, I got freaking bombed before first pitch, and by the time the 7th rolled around I was blacked out,” McHalan said. “I don’t even remember going out onto the field that night but I learned my lesson the hard way the last two years, I just want to go back.”The Texas Rangers were the first MLB team to fully reopen their stadium to fans last month, with several other clubs now slated to join the Red Sox in fully opening their stadiums before June.That gradual increase and return to normalcy is nothing but sweet music to lifelong fans like McHalan, who is taking to public appearances like WEEI and calling for the MLB to reinstate all streakers.“If you are really going to be at full capacity, then let us back in,” McHalan said. “I swear to God I will keep my pants on, I won’t get wicked hammered before the game, just let me back in.”

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