Product Review: Dazzling Toys 7-Inch Traffic Sports Cones

Just the parking lot markers you were looking for.

Whether you’re a parent setting up a goal in the backyard for your future little soccer star or looking to teach your teen how to parallel park, these 7-inch Traffic Sports Cones brought to you by Dazzling Toys are just the all-in-one solution you have been looking for.


These lightweight orange cones are made of high-quality, durable soft materials that will last longer than other competitors’ cones. Measuring 7 inches tall, each cone comes standard with a little hole you can use to secure to the grass for after-school soccer drills or as last-minute party hats when you inevitably forget your wife’s birthday again.


When you want to talk about multi-purpose use, look no further than Dazzling Toy's 7-inch Traffic Sports cones, perfect for outdoor activities like football, and basketball, or marking off your property line to let your neighbor know just how inconveniently placed that new cherry blossom tree they just planted is.


These plastic orange cones can handle any surface, whether it’s your backyard, the gym floor, or gym saunas to let others know just how close they can sit to you. When passersby see your orange cones, they’ll think “I wouldn’t even dare sit in that general area.”


Your kids will LOVE playing with these plastic cones, made of safe and durable materials. Use the cones to teach your son the basics of the 2-3 zone while simultaneously while he tries to put them under his shirt to make it look like he has boobs.


Not even inflation can beat these prices, as a 12-pack of cones can be bought for less than $15 dollars online, the same amount you’d currently spend on gasoline driving to the store and back to purchase them!

But don’t just believe us, hear what those who purchased Dazzling Toy's 7-inch Traffic Sports cones had to say for themselves!

“I bought them for practice on Saturday and somehow they were somehow all lost by Sunday,” - Don, 42, Little League coach

“My daughter LOVES to use them to catch bugs at soccer practice, last week she brought home a Black Widow spider we couldn’t find for a week.” - Molly, 38, parent

“They were the perfect size to help us mark off the crime scene,” - your local police department.

So what are you waiting for, buyDazzling Toy's 7-inch Traffic Sports today!

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