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Offensive Coordinator Using Headset to Just Catch Up and Chat

Sometimes it's just nice to talk.

LOS ANGELES -During Sunday’s matchup between the Cleveland Browns and Los Angeles Chargers, Chargers offensive coordinator Joe Lombardi was reported to have used his time communicating with quarterback Justin Herbert to “just catch up and chat.”Herbert, who threw for 228 yards and a touchdown in the Chargers win, said Lombardi started to ask him about his weekend plans in the second quarter.“It’s third-and-three, and I hear Coach say ‘Tuesday, Tuesday, my house, lasagna, you, me, and Molly. I thought it was a new play call,” said Herbert. “Nope turns out he wanted me over for dinner and a movie. Tommy Boy is apparently on Netflix.”During their first drive of the third quarter, Lombardi was seen fiddling with his Apple Watch and visibly asking Herbert for help turning off his alarms. When asked, Lombardi stated proudly the alarm was to remind him to ask Herbert if he’s “an IPA or a Stout kind of fella.”Not all players were overjoyed by the friendly back-and-forth between QB and coordinator. Wide Receiver Mike Williams wondered why he didn’t get invited over for home-cooked lasagna and a screening of Tommy Boy. “I’ve been on the team way longer than Justin. I can’t have any of Mrs. Lombardi’s lasagna?”Sources close to Coach Lombardi confirmed his wife Molly makes a mean lasagna.Others, however, were supportive of the check-ins. Safety Derwin James, who receives play calls via headset from defensive coordinator Renaldo Hill, said he’s glad others have the chance to sit back and smell the roses during the game.“Renaldo and I shoot the breeze between plays. Stuff like what’s his favorite shape, and how fast is a scorpion? Does he remember the tallest person he’s ever seen? Real fun stuff, and it’s not like we gotta play real defense. Justin’s gonna score 30 points every game. Gotta fill the time somehow.”

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