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Oakland A's Scout Little League World Series for Experience

Talent can be found anywhere.

By Anthony Elia

OAKLAND – The Oakland Athletics are reportedly looking to recapture the “Moneyball” magic by scouting and signing Little League World Series players, End of the Bench has learned.

After finding success for years as a small market darling, the organization has taken a hard turn in recent years, including the current losing season, one General Manager David Frost is hoping to soon put behind him with this new scouting effort.

“Look the league caught up to us, we’re aware of that. Now we must adjust and figure out another way to gain a competitive advantage over the big market teams,” Frost said when reached for comment. “We’re essentially alone in this untapped market (Little League), and that excited us.”

The A’s have partnered with Disneyland to help entice the pre-pubescent prospects to come to play for them. It’s something they consider a ‘deal sweetener’ when it comes to the negotiation process.

Eric Kubota, Director of Scouting, is tasked with attending the games. 

“What’s intriguing is this has never been done before,” Kubota said. “Totally unchartered waters, so we have the luxury of not competing with another 29 teams for a prized prospect.” 

When asked how many youngsters they’re currently looking to sign, Kubota answered, “We have five contracts and we’ve already locked up a Shohei Ohtani dual pitcher/hitter type player that we’re stoked about.”

That 10-year-old is Jackson Blue, a Wisconsin 5th grader with a career .520 average and 15 home runs on top of a stellar 0.08 ERA and 42 strikeouts over 20 and 2/3 innings.

“I don’t think the pressure of playing at the major league level will get to me,” said Jackson after he spat out a wad of Swingin’ Sour Apple Big League Chew. “Last week I hit a bomb over the left field fence that broke the windshield of principal Boyle’s BMW. He didn’t like that. Walking up to the plate my next at-bat knowing he was staring me down… that’s pressure.”

Jackson’s parents were kind enough to share the details of their son’s alleged 15-year, $1,500 contract.

  • No more homework

  • No lines at any rides/concession stand at Disneyland for friends and family

  • New bike

  • Catch a touchdown from Aaron Rodgers on Lambeau Field

  • “Date” with fifth-grade teacher, Mrs. Trombetta

Sources tell EOTB that if this doesn’t pan out, the city of Oakland fears the A’s may move to Las Vegas, where players like Jackson will almost certainly renegotiate their contracts as soon as they reach the age of 21.

End of the Bench will have more as this story develops.

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