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"Nobody Cares," Says First Commenter on Team's Pride Month Post

First to fight for unequal rights.

TWITTER - San Francisco area resident Jeffrey Davis has officially declared that “Nobody cares…” about the Giants’ recent logo change that honors Pride Month, commenting earlier this morning on posts across the league’s Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook accounts.

The official statement comes after Davis previously commented “L” on the team’s updated profile pictures earlier this month, as well as on 178 other fan accounts that posted in celebration of the organization’s embrace of the LGBTQ community.

Davis' comment mirrors his response earlier this year to both the Golden State Warrior's honoring of Black History Month, as well as the 49ers’ efforts to be more inclusive during Women’s History Month, two campaigns that were seen and engaged with by millions of people nationwide.

“Nobody cares…” Davis wrote then in an email, fax, and letter to both teams’ front offices.

When reached for comment and asked about his disdain for the Giants’ temporary logo that has no effect on his day-to-day life, Davis didn’t offer much, only that he “knew a ton of gays who would agree with him.”

“It’s ridiculous that my first amendment rights are being attacked,” he added.

At the time of publication, Davis’ comments were still publicly available and not being infringed upon by the team or the federal government.

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