Nine Predictions for the 2022 NFL Season

The NFL is in for a wild year.

For fans of pro football, it's the most wonderful time of the year. The time when the NFL season kicks off. So, what can we expect this season? Well, check out End of the Bench’s predictions for the 2022 NFL Season.

1. The Cleveland Browns run all of their plays out of the shotgun formation after the return of DeShaun Watson... 

…because the Browns are uncomfortable with Watson lining up behind center.

2. At midseason, Tom Brady will decide that spending time with Gisele beats getting body slammed by 300-pound defense linemen after all… 

…even Bucs fans are amazed it took Brady that long to figure that out.

3. Fans of ESPN's Monday Night Football finally realize the irony of a man named "Booger" talking about a pick play…


4. Daniel Jones shows an ability to adapt to a new coaching staff... 

…proving to be as turnover prone as ever.

5. Five weeks into the season, Commanders fans are referring to Carson Wentz as "Carson Wince."

…it's Wentz, right?

6. Saquon Barkley and Christian McCaffery start 17 games… 


7. The Bears show progress under a new coaching staff…


…meaning they’ll mostly wait until after the ball is snapped to be penalized.

8. Matt Ryan does the near impossible with the Indianapolis Colts - making them miss Carson Wentz. 

...Fans become discouraged when Matt is seen getting around Walmart in an electric scooter.

9. Aaron Rodgers remains annoying….

…but due to the decline of the Packers, nobody cares.

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