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NFL Prospect's Draft Stock Plummets After Being Caught Having a Life

Lock him up!

By Clay Beyersdorfer

NEW YORK - In a shocking turn of events, 2023 NFL Draft prospect Tom Smith's stock has plummeted after he was reportedly caught having a life outside of football this past weekend. 

Smith, a standout wide receiver from Midwest University, was once considered a top-5 draft pick. However, scouts around the NFL are now scrambling after leaked cell phone footage showed the All-American browsing a comic book store after eating at his local pizza parlor, all before driving home at 8 pm.

"I mean, come on, who has time to read books when they're supposed to be studying playbooks?" said one anonymous AFC scout. "Comic books are just a gateway hobby and one that teams will start to ask questions about. What’s next? Seeing Marvel movies on opening night? Cosplay? Where does it end with these kids?" 

Sources close to Smith revealed that on top of reading comic books the wide receiver also enjoys playing video games, catching movies with his friends, and even “spending time with his family.” 

Smith's agent Mark Dennison of ProAgent Sports has since come forward to defend his client, stating that Smith's interests outside of football do not affect his dedication to the game. 

"Tom is a well-rounded individual who has a life outside of football," Dennison said. "But when it comes to football, he's one of the hardest workers out there. His dedication to the sport is unparalleled."

Despite his agent's defense, Smith's draft stock has continued to plummet, with some teams reportedly removing him from their draft boards altogether.

"I understand that some teams may not want a player who has a life outside of football," Smith said at an emergency press conference Tuesday morning. "But I believe that my work ethic and dedication to the game will speak for themselves. I'm excited to see where I end up in the draft, and I'm ready to work hard for any team that gives me a chance."

Smith joins fellow college standout Jalen Carter, a Georgia defensive lineman who was recently charged with reckless driving and street racing that resulted in the death of a UGA teammate and staffer, as top-level prospects to see their names drop down draft boards.

Carter is still viewed as a potential top-10 pick worth millions of dollars, despite two people losing their lives in an accident he was directly involved in and a history of alleged character issues

Smith, meanwhile, may slide “completely out of the draft,” a source tells End of the Bench.

“First Carter and now Smith, man. This is why you do your homework, so you can weed out the big troublemakers,” said one NFC general manager who requested anonymity. “You don’t want these kinds of major red flags coming out down the road when they’re on your roster.”

Pending legal charges, both Carter and Smith hope to hear their names called sooner rather than later when the 2023 NFL Draft kicks off on April 27th.


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