NFL Catch Rule Now Includes Doing the Griddy


By Dave Henry

NEW YORK - In an effort to clarify the confusion around what constitutes a catch in the NFL, the league announced Tuesday that a new addition to the rule’s language will make it abundantly clear whether it is a catch or not -- the Griddy.

In addition to getting both feet down, controlling the ball, doing a football move, and surviving the ground, the player must do the popular dance, the Griddy, at the end to confirm that it is a catch. 

The league held a press conference Tuesday evening to discuss the new rule, which will go into place immediately.

"This new clarification will make the rule crystal clear and settle the debate once and for all about what is and is not a legal catch," said NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. "While all of the other requirements are seemingly subjective and open to interpretation by refs, the Griddy is undeniably the ultimate qualifier. If the player does not do the Griddy after controlling the ball and taking two steps inbounds, it is incomplete."

As an added benefit, “it should bring more fun to the league,” added Goodell.

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Critics of the rule, including NFL wide receivers, say that it puts more hardship on the receiver.

"Now I love the Griddy," said Vikings receiver Justin Jefferson, "and Iʻm damn good at it, if I may say so myself. But after every catch? That's a bit much. And that’s coming from someone with $200,000 grills on his teeth."

Sources tell EOTB that the new rule could have widespread impacts, as now teams will be looking to draft players who can not only catch the football but dance as well. 

“That rare five-tool receiver will now become a six-tool receiver,” said an NFC scout who wished to remain anonymous. “I’ll be going to the games and then the clubs after the game to see which of these kids can really move.”

In a quick move following the announcement, the New England Patriots signed Kelly Ann Inaba from Dancing with the Stars as their new Receivers Coach.

End of the Bench will have more as this story develops.

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