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NBA 2K Ratings for Your Company's Rec League Basketball Team

Where'd everybody end up?

Iconic video game franchise NBA 2K released its latest version last week to a flurry of positive reactions, marking one of the most well-received reactions for the game in recent years. Each player in NBA 2K is assigned a 1-100 rating based on overall attributes like shooting, defense, or strength and is oftentimes subject to much criticism in the video game industry every season.The OrganizerOVR: 72While not the worst player on your company's weeknight rec league basketball team, they are definitely not in the upper category of your team’s roster talent either. Their Overall Durability rating of 83 will help them facilitate, organize and communicate in the team’s group chat all season long. The Support StaffOVR: 79These are your lower-level busy bees that will never make it above management, or an overall rating of 80. Every team needs like two or three of these folks with a high Intangibles rating to maintain the ship, or to come in when the real ballers need to go throw up in the bathroom from being out of shape. The Old VetOVR: 82This is the person who originally founded the team and had to hand it off to the Organizer. Much like Deandre Jordan, they also have great Rebounding attributes and came back for a ring this year.Your BossOVR: 66Definitely the worst player on your team, but somehow still manages to crack the starting line-up because nobody wants to get fired. All of their Scoring attributes are below 70, making him the lowest rated player in the league. Still, there is no shot in hell you are going to let them know that.The Tall InternOVR: 71A 80 potential rating, but there absolutely no muscle on this bean pole. He’s green, but in a couple of years, he could even push an 80+ rating with your coaching.The RingerOVR: 96This is THE person that determines whether you win or not on a weekly basis. Simply put, they are the LeBron James in NBA 2K. It’s only a matter of time until they decide to leave and recruit the other good players on your team to go play for another department. The OverkillerOVR: 74With high ratings in Hustle, Stamina and Strength, this is the person you call on when you need a rebound, loose ball, or to flagrantly foul that jackass from Accounting.YouOVR: 80You are not the best, you are not the worst, and you are totally fine with being in that sweet middle spot. Your greatest talent is assessing other’s talents while just trying to get through the work week without losing your mind.


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