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Mobius M. Mobius Confirms Lakers Not In "Any Alternate NBA Playoff Timeline"

Not even the TVA could find them.

NULL TIME ZONE DIMENSION - Time Variance Authority Agent Mobius M. Mobius has confirmed that the Los Angeles Lakers were not a “part of any alternate NBA playoff timeline” following an investigation that concluded early Friday morning.The investigation, which was initiated after the Lakers were eliminated from this dimension’s playoffs last week, came after a massive spike in social media impressions over the last week surrounding the Lakers, which is typically not the case for those organizations no longer in contention.“Our investigation confirmed that the Los Angeles Lakers were eliminated from the 2021 NBA Playoffs by the Phoenix Suns on June 4, 2021,” Mobius said in a press conference on present-day Earth Friday morning. “We are also able to confirm that they did not advance nor are they currently playing in any other alternative timeline’s NBA playoffs.”While he was unable to provide specific details surrounding the investigation due to TVA regulations, Mobius was able to disclose how the investigation came about, as well as what the spike in a timeline activity was related to.“On Monday morning our Chronomonitors detected an unusual spike in media presence in this dimension, especially one for an eliminated NBA playoff team,” he added. “People were talking about them almost as if they were still playing, despite all the other great games going on.”Mobius went on to say that TVA Minutemen went through “every imaginable timeline possible,” yet were still unable to come up with any shred of evidence that suggested the Lakers were still somehow playing playoff basketball.“No offense to LeBron, but I guess people just really get excited about underachievement at this day in age,” Mobius said with a laugh as he stepped off the podium. “I mean ESPN covered his jersey number change for like three days, how are we not going to look into that type of abnormal amount of media coverage?”

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