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MLB Honors Military Appreciation Month with Loud Fireworks, Large Crowds

Thanks for your service.

by Clay Beyersdorfer

NEW YORK - Major League Baseball announced last week that every game played during the month of May will feature “fireworks and patriots” in honor of service members both past and present during Military Appreciation Month.

“We’re opening our ballparks to the masses this May, aiming to get as many people inside of our venues as we can possibly fit,” MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred said in a statement. “We want veterans to feel the overwhelming love and support this country has for them, and any patriot who wants to watch America's pastime be able to, which is why we’re proud to offer expanded standing room capacity at all stadiums and even on-field seating, even though markets like Oakland may not require it.”

Manfred went on to talk about the importance of recognizing Military Appreciation Month, something he referred to as “his patriotic duty.”

“We’re going to make every night this month a red, white and blue spectacle because that’s what our veterans deserve - a packed house screaming at fireworks louder than a mortar round” he added. “I want them leaving our pre/post-game celebrations in absolute shock and awe, physically shaking, and unable to breathe over the show of gratitude we plan to put on. Our only goal this month is to create lasting memories for our nation’s veterans, ones they’ll never forget that will go on to affect their day-to-day activities for the rest of their natural-born lives.”

A source tells End of the Bench that MLB executives have also discussed other ways to pay veterans homage as the country nears Memorial Day, including granting each home team “one targeted airstrike” that can be used on streakers, unruly fans, or the opposing team’s bus upon arrival, adding “nothing is off-limits.”

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