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Memphis Grizzlies Suspend Ja Morant for Not Posting Gun Video on TikTok


By Clay Beyersdorfer

Memphis, TN—In a shocking development, the Memphis Grizzlies have suspended star point guard Ja Morant from all team activities for his repeated failure to brandish a loaded firearm live on TikTok. 

Over the weekend, Morant appeared in a video holding what appears to be a pistol in the passenger seat of a vehicle but did so only on Instagram Live, a direct violation of team rules.

That decision marks the second time Morant has violated the team’s social media policy, and the Murray State product will, according to sources, face “serious consequences.”

"We have an obligation to look out for the entire organization, and Ja not posting the gun video on TikTok goes against everything we and the NBA stand for," said Grizzlies Head Coach Taylor Jenkins. "He knew that the video would go viral, and yet he intentionally made the choice to not do so on Tik Tok. We are truly disappointed.”

The third-year head coach elaborated on the impact Morant’s decision has on the organization.

“We were just briefed on social media by our PR people and how our impact in the community can be immensely influential, as well as the potential financial opportunities as it relates to merchandise and jersey sales,” Jenkins added. “So, why wouldn’t he use Tik Tok? The extra dollars could have helped us a lot in free agency. What a bonehead decision."

Morant, known for his highlight reel dunks and boyish personality, seemed oblivious to the gravity of the situation when reached for comment.

"I didn't think it was a big deal. Plenty of people post gun videos and buy my jerseys on the ‘Gram still,” he said. “TikTok can be so distracting, and right now I am focused on improving as a player, teammate, and functioning adult this offseason. I just want to focus on basketball."

Teammates were also reportedly taken aback by Morant’s behavior. 

"It’s a shame when somebody decides to be selfish like this and embarrass the team, casting our entire organization in a bad light and making us look like something we aren’t," said Dillon Brooks, former shooting guard for the Grizzlies. "We thought Ja was with us. It's disappointing to see him not prioritize the team or our values. People look up to him." 

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Social media influencers around the world have also expressed their disbelief, calling Morant's suspension a “major L." 

TikTok star @gunsoverpersonality commented, "Ja, BRO, you had one job. One job! How could you let us down like this?"

As the news of Morant's suspension spread, rival teams couldn't help but poke fun at the Grizzlies' predicament.

While the Grizzlies haven't provided an official timeline for Morant's return, rumors are already swirling that the team has begun drafting a comprehensive social media handbook, complete with mandatory gun-related content guidelines, co-sponsored by firearm manufacturer Smith & Wesson.

For now, Morant's suspension serves as a stark reminder to NBA players everywhere: when it comes to social media, stay locked, and loaded, and know which platforms can best monetize your fuck ups.

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