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Marathon Runner Disqualified for Not Displaying 26.2 Sticker on Car


CHICAGO - Lincoln Park resident and avid runner Mariah Barnes has been disqualified from this year’s upcoming Chicago Marathon after not displaying a “26.2” sticker prominently on her car.The sticker, a signal to motorists and passersby that the person inside the vehicle has successfully run 26.2 miles, is required by Marathoner Law to be prominently displayed on the vehicles of Marathoners at all times.“It’s a pretty easy thing to do, I am not sure what her deal is,” said a fellow runner, who wished to remain anonymous. “People train all year and prepare themselves for these races, and she (Barnes) shits all over our shoes with her lack of showmanship.”Barnes, who has on record completed several marathons and other charity distance races over the years, meets the qualifications to display the sticker.However, as of Tuesday morning, the back window of her Toyota Corolla remained unblemished, sources tell EOTB.“I think it’s a little selfish honestly,” said another runner who requested anonymity. “If you don’t display your 26.2 sticker, then how will people know?”Marathon officials tell EOTB that while they can’t comment on speculative rumors, they did outline their race’s official sticker policy.“As defined by the Grand Marathon Council, when runners successfully complete a marathon they are required by Marathoner Law to prominently display their assigned 26.2 stickers at all times,” a spokesperson said. “Those individuals not adhering to the imposed standards looking to run in the Chicago Marathon are subject to disqualification and potential future disciplinary action.”When contacted by EOTB, Barnes had no comment.This story will be updated as it develops.

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