Ladies Will Love This Gym with an Open Bar!


Looking to stick to your new year's resolutions, ladies? Well, you may be interested in a new gym that recently went viral called GRIT! 

This gym isn’t your standard warehouse workout space. It has features such as a club-like atmosphere of chaotic strobe lights and dance music that is way too loud, an open bar after class - including shots, and a website with an inspirational quote from Pitbull.

With amenities like that, who could say no?

GRIT - short for “Guys Really Invented This” - features a diverse crowd, ranging from frat guys to finance bros to women that are thin, toned, showing their midriff, and in a perpetual state of smiling and/or laughing.

In fact, there are plenty of things girl jocks will enjoy at a place like this, including male members who are more than ready to give advice when you don’t need or want it, or to try to strike up a conversation mid-rep. 

Are they doing it because they are hitting on you or because they think you are too stupid to know how to do the exercise you are currently already doing? Either way, under the cover of dark lighting and club music, men here feel more than welcome to talk to you and maybe even touch you during your workout!

And don’t forget the most exciting part! This gym has something extra to keep the party and/or sexual harassment going strong. 

At the post-workout open bar, guys who were “helping” you during class or simply leering at you in the dark while you were just trying to work out will get the liquid courage they need to come to talk to you while you’re just trying to relax after class with a drink. 

If all that doesn’t entice you to try it out, you may want to consider the benefits of the free-flowing alcohol at GRIT - because what better way to replenish the electrolytes you lost during your workout than with something that will dehydrate you even more?  

Not into alcohol? No problem! You can still dehydrate yourself with the on-tap cold brew and other overly-caffeinated beverages.

So head on down to GRIT today ladies, where their motto is:

“A bunch of men you don’t know hopped up on adrenaline, caffeine, and alcohol - what could go wrong?”

Stay tuned to EOTB as we follow GRIT’s success and/or lawsuits.

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