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Lack of Fantasy Points Catalyst for Americans to Take COVID Seriously

Time to buckle down.

By Graham CameronThis past NFL Sunday marked the highest number of positive Covid cases amongst NFL players as well as another round of fantasy football playoffs for many Americans. The high number of NFL players contracting the Covid-19 virus resulted in many fantasy football team managers being unable to start their star players. “It’s actually gotten pretty bad,” commented username BigDawg42069, team owner for ‘Settlers of Saquon’, “I was in the quarterfinals and only scored 65 points due to my inactive players. This is by far the worst thing to happen to me in the past two years and I think it’s time we beat this Covid thing.”What many around the NFL are aptly calling “The Covid Situation”, this pandemic has not only had adverse effects on the life and well-being of the global population but more importantly, on the outcomes of fantasy football games. Star players such as Dalvin Cook, Austin Ekeler, and Travis Kelce all contracted “The Covid Situation” and were unable to contribute to any fantasy teams’ success, let alone their real, actual team’s success.“Super lame weekend,” derided username BillyBellyCheck owner of ‘Sodom and Nelson Agholorrah’, “I was in first place all season and lost in the first round of playoffs because of this silly ‘Covid Situation.’ I, for one, think it’s about time we start combating this virus and end it once and for all. It’s time to take a stand.” Fed up and furious, angry fantasy team managers from across the country have been banding together to push mask-wearing, encourage vaccinations, and spread awareness of the burgeoning pandemic. “‘The Covid Situation’ has gone too far!” stated username HarrisonButtlicker owner of ‘It Ertz When Eifert’, “Crowded hospitals and millions dying is one thing, but losing in fantasy football is crossing the line! This needs to be fixed. Now and fast!” Many fantasy football managers have gone as far as adding hashtags to their team names such as #covidsucks and #covidreallysucks in an attempt to end the pandemic and help their players get healthy and back on the field. The country has quickly felt the ripple effect of fantasy football managers addressing the pandemic, leading to a 12% drop in new Covid cases across the country.“My eyes have been opened to just how impactful this virus can be on this country,” said username MargotRobbieGould, owner of ‘I, Tonyan.’ “I am just glad to be doing my part.”

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