Kevin Durant Traded to Harlem Globetrotters


NEW YORK - After what has felt like months of waiting, Brooklyn Nets forward Kevin Durant has announced he’ll be joining the Harlem Globetrotters, in a mega-deal already sending shockwaves throughout NBA circles.

"I think this is a really big step in the right direction for my career," says Durant, "It's just a really great opportunity that not a lot of my peers get. I mean this has been a winning team since I was a kid. That's important for the culture. You can't build that kind of culture."

The Nets star formally requested a trade earlier this summer, following what many are calling a “nightmare off-season” for Brooklyn, which has had to deal with Kyrie Irving’s impending free agency as well as the constant mystery that is Ben Simmons. 

Durant was all smiles throughout this press conference, however, a stark contrast to his attitude during his tumultuous stint with the Brooklyn Nets.

"I mean we called around all over the league, shopping him around to other teams," Durant's agent Rich Kleiman tells End of the Bench. “But he [Durant] said that he really wanted to go play for the Globetrotters. So, it really is a great day for all of us."

"I just like playing for the best!" added Durant with a smile.

In exchange for Durant, the Nets will get forwards Hot Rod De La Rosa, Moose Weeks, and cash. End of the Bench managed to catch up with Weeks on his newly bought yacht from his first NBA paycheck.

"Yeah, I really think this is going to be a great opportunity for both of us. But KD is going to have to learn that it's tough!” Weeks said. “You can't just join the Globetrotters and expect to win right away. He really has his work cut out for him."

The Globetrotters' season commences in August and runs seemingly year-round, with their first game being against the Washington Generals.

At this time, whether or not Durant will be appearing with the Globetrotters’ upcoming appearance in an episode of Scooby-Doo still remains unknown.

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