Husband Fired from Fantasy Football Managing Duties

You're fired.

After a disappointing 0-2 start in their fantasy football league, Jeff Kaplan was relieved of his position as co-manager of his team, “Real Bad JuJu.” The announcement comes from the team’s co-manager, his wife Cheryl Kaplan.

“I saw enough to know it was time for a change,” said Cheryl Kaplan, after observing her husband repeatedly hurry to set the lineup at 12:45 each Sunday afternoon. “From the choice to play two Tight Ends at our Flex positions, to his decision to keep three quarterbacks on the roster, it was clear Jeff was out of his element. He drafted a kicker in the second round, for God's sake.”

Jeff Kaplan reportedly tried to save his job by picking up Cooper Rush on the waiver wire but managed to accidentally pick up free agent linebacker Craig Rish, who is not employed by any NFL team.

Even with those missteps, other managers in the league expressed their shock and dismay at Kaplan’s firing.

“It’s an awful shame,” said league member Brett Ludowski, manager of “Cookin’ with Dalvin.” “Jeff was truly, truly awful at fantasy football so this is a massive loss for us, by which I mean it’s a huge win. You could always count on Jeff if you need help with anything, especially a lopsided trade that absolutely destroys his sad little team.”

Sources say while the managerial relationship soured, both Jeff and Cheryl are reportedly still very much in love and plan to remain friends and spouses for the foreseeable future.

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