How NBA Stars Deal with Voter Intimidation

Get out and vote.

Voter intimidation is a big issue this election day, with groups like Clean Elections USA getting in trouble for posting armed guards outside voting centers. We spoke to some of the NBA’s top athletes to find out how they make their votes count.

Kawhi Leonard (Clippers)

“It’s all about spacing. If someone’s blocking you from voting, just keep ‘em guessing until you got room to make a break for the voting box.”

Steph Curry (Warriors)

“If someone’s blocking you, just chuck your vote in from 23 feet away. It’s not that hard, guys.”

Draymond Green (Warriors)

“Punch the shit outta them, they can’t intimidate you if they’re knocked out.”

Anthony Davis (Lakers)

“I’m taking a break from voting to recover from an injury.”

James Harden (76ers)

“If your polling place is being guarded by Oath Keepers, try and trick them into thinking you’re one of them. That’s why I grew this beard.”

LeBron James (Lakers)

“My state always votes blue anyway, 'cause I live in California. Unless I move to Ohio. But I’m not doing that. Or am I? Nah, I’m not. Or am I? Nah, I would never. Unless…”

Kevin Durant (Nets)

“Hard work is hard, but if you work hard, hard work always works. Hope that helps."

Luka Dončić (Mavericks)

“I’m Slovenian, so I can’t vote”

Nikola Jokić (Nuggets)

“I’m Serbian, so I can’t vote.”

Giannis Antetokounmpo (Bucks)

“I’m Greek. Who’s doing your research, man?”

Kyrie Irving (Nets)

“If you ask me, the people who are really controlling the election… [THE REST OF KYRIE’S STATEMENT HAS BEEN REDACTED PER NETS PUBLIC RELATIONS REQUEST.]”

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