Highlights from the Georgia vs. Missouri Game

What a game.

By T. Kent JonesFirst Quarter Missouri-3, Georgia-0, Harrison Mevis, 36-yard field goal Georgia-7, Missouri-3, Arian Smith 35-yard pass from Stetson Bennett, Jack Podlesny kick Second Quarter Georgia-9, Missouri-3, Team safety Georgia-16, Missouri-3, Zamir White, 1-yard run, Jack Podlesny kick So many apples. Tart Braeburns, juicy Baldwins, neon green Granny Smiths. Bundled up couples are roaming from stall to stall at the farmers market in Union Square, and our dog is gobbling dropped carrots off the pavement. My wife buys three sublime Raeburns, then we pick up a dozen brown eggs straight from the farmer, and some ripe cherry tomatoes to make with pasta later tonight. It's 53 degrees and sunny. Third Quarter Wandered over to Tompkins Square Park where some local punk bands are playing.Under towering 100-year-old elm trees that are starting to turn red and gold, a band of tattooed kids are shredding The Who’s “My Generation” while two dudes in flannel try to give each other concussions. The lead singer, 17 at most, wears a flowered summer dress and Doc Martins, and screams “hope I die before I get old,” like she wrote it herself. Personally, I hope she does get old, is on tour with this same band, and that in 50 years she still sounds as good as she does right now. Fourth Quarter Walked west to the Strand Book Store on Broadway. Found a used copy of “Devil in a Blue Dress” by Walter Mosley on the one-dollar rack. Score! Spent the next hour wandering around the endless stacks, Fiction, Biography, Poetry. The people here are calm and quiet, surrounded by their favorite books. Walked home. Put away the groceries and took a long nap. Woke up clear-headed, alert. Checked the clock. Time to slice the tomatoes. Only two hours until Alabama-LSU.


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