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Harvard Graduate Looking Forward to Summer Vacation in Tokyo

Much needed time off.

DALLAS - Gabby Thomas could not be more ready for a summer vacation if she tried.After a grueling four years spent at Harvard University spent studying neurobiology and global health policy before starting a graduate program at the University of Texas in Austin, Thomas is literally for lack of a better word “spent.”“Oh yeah, I am tired,” Thomas says with a chuckle.While most college kids will spend their summers back home sunbathing or working part-time jobs and partying the nights away, Thomas will head to Tokyo, Japan for a few weeks as part of an international trip that’s been in the works “for about 4 years.”“I have been looking forward to this trip for a few years now, yeah,” Thomas said. “I can’t wait to put the books down for a little while, relax and be completely stress-free.”On top of a demanding school curriculum, Thomas has also dealt with her share of personal obstacles, having recently undergone a cancer scare after a lingering leg injury and received a further diagnosis days before a business trip to Oregon. “At first I wasn’t too worried about it, but the more I kept talking to doctors they kept saying cancer,” Thomas said in an interview recently. “Fortunately, they found out it was benign just a couple of days before I left.”Thomas is set to continue studying at UT-Austin for the next few weeks before departing for Tokyo in early July and has plenty of things on her to-do list while visiting.“There is such a great sense of culture and history, so I am and I am excited to get out and explore while spending time with friends and family,” she added. “I also like to run in my little amount of free time, so I may try and sneak away to do that a little while we’re there.”One thing is for sure, Thomas is ready to get “off the track” for a bit after a very long start to 2021.“After a COVID-year indoors and doing nothing but studying or working, I am ready to get out and see the world a bit,” she added. “It’ll do the body well to get out and stretch my legs.”Those interested in Thomas’s vacation can follow her journey on this website starting July 23rd.

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