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Ghost of James Naismith Signs Two-Way Deal with Los Angeles Lakers

Huge pickup for the Lake Show.

by Clay Beyersdorfer

LOS ANGELES - After suffering an opening night defeat, the Los Angeles Lakers have signed the ghost of basketball founder James Naismith to a two-way contract for the remainder of the 2021 NBA Season.Under the NBA’s new contract rules, Naismith, who died in 1939 at the age of 78, will be eligible to be active for 50 of the remaining 81 games on the Lakers schedule and split the remaining time between the G-League and afterlife.“I’m excited to dust the cobwebs off and join the #LakeShow again!” Naismith (@PeachBasketShooter) tweeted just after the deal was announced.The long-time physical education teacher is best-known for concepting the original game of basketball, something Lakers head coach Frank Vogel thinks will help a roster chock-full of aged superstars that are adapting to today’s game.“Who knows the fundamentals of the game better than him [Naismith]?” Vogel said during the introductory press conference early this morning. “I think James will be a tremendous asset to our team, and someone who can really be a mentor to our younger players as well.”Naismith last physically picked up a basketball as a head coach for the University of Kansas in 1907 but stayed active within the game until his passing in 1939.Although it’s been over 100 years since he’s played the game, Naismith is confident he will have no trouble sliding into the Lakers’ new-look rotation. “I’m not quite sure what this new three-point line is, but I’m confident the game hasn’t changed that much from what I created many years ago,” Naismith said. “Like a lot of other guys on this roster, I’m just excited to finally have a shot at getting an NBA championship.”Naismith and the rest of the Lakers will look to rebound after Tuesday night’s loss when they host the Phoenix Suns on Friday evening.

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