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'Formula 1: Tiger Beat' Explores the Newest Teen Crush Factory

So cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

By Rich TaylorThis interview is an exclusive made available to EOTB by the Tiger Beat, THE #1 teen fan magazine now available online!For Tiger Beat readers everywhere, late October meant planning the perfect Halloween costume and time to break out that cute new sweater. But for a huge gathering of teenagers, the weekend of October 22 was a chance to converge on Austin, TX with a dream of catching a glimpse of this season’s surprise hottest crushes at Formula 1’s United States Grand Prix. Tiger Beat was there as well, and we sat down with an enthusiastic group of TB readers to learn more about this phenomenon. How did you all become Formula 1 fans? Tracee (14): Correction! Not really a fan of the driving stuff. Adam (13): Same. The driving part is just cars, tire pressure, and helmets. It’s all about the people. Oprah (14): They are all so dreamy. All: (much squealing) Kaylee (12): (crying) I love them so so much. Adam: Okay, so your question or whatever. I guess my dad was all COVID-sports starved and F1 and cornhole were like the only things on his channel or something? Anyway, he had it on one day and they were showing all of the drivers and I was like “whoa.” Oprah: Same. Exact same thing. Adam: I actually sat down on the sofa and watched the whole thing with him. It’s the first time we ever bonded over sports – I mean, we were getting different things from it but still, right? Sydney (15): Somehow my parents got into that Netflix show about F1 and I walked by one time and Daniel Riccardo had no shirt on and was swimming and, I mean come on! All: (More squeals with Starbucks table-pounding) So, who is Your favorite driver? Caleb: Lando (Norris)! Duh! Aimee (14): (momentarily faints) Riley (14): Definitely Lewis (Hamilton). He’s the HOAT (Hottest of All Time). Kaylee: Pierre Gasly! Sydney: Hello? Danny Ricardo! Tracee: Max (Verstappen)! All Others: Eiuwwwww! Riley: Tracee! I thought we were BFF. I don’t even know you! Let’s move on. I understand that it’s not just drivers that TB teens are crushing on? Oprah: Um, yes? Adam: OMG. First of all, the entire McLaren pit crew! All: (screams and dumping of Frappuccinos upon own heads) Kaylee: You can have them, just leave the Ferrari left rear tire guy for meeeeeeeeeee! Aimee: (now revived) I like the front jack guy from Alpine. Oprah: Hmm. Note to self to check that one out. (High fives Aimee) Riley: (pointing to Tracee) I’m sorry, I can’t sit near her. Tracee: Oh. My. Gawd! Grow up maybe? Riley storms away from the table, grabbing the Starbucks bathroom key and disappearing into the back of the establishment. Sydney: Okay, don’t kill me, but in the Netflix thing I kinda was liking Christian (Horner – Team Principal of Red Bull Racing). All: Eiuwwww! Sydney: I know! But anyway, then I saw his wife and was like, “pass.” Caleb: She’s somebody, I think. Tracee: Yeah. I think she used to sing in an old-timey band with Melanie C from this season of DWTS (Dancing With the Stars) [Ed. Note: Horner is married to Geri “Ginger Spice” Halliwell] All: Ohhhhhh Adam: Toto Wolf is kinda interesting in that bad boy from the rival school way. All: YAS! Tracee: Y’know, TB should do a “which F1 driver should you take to prom?” quiz. All: (much screaming and tossing of Sugar in the Raw packages) Great Idea. In the meantime, you never know who will read this, so if you could deliver a message to anyone in Formula 1, what would it be? All: (Table is overturned and a small fire is set) Aimee: Are you for serious? Um, okay. To the primary jack man on Alpine - I love you! Oprah: Will you marry me in three years, George Russell? Sydney: Daniel! Please follow me on Insta – RacerGurl2006 Riley returns to the table, stamping out the fire before returning to her seat. Riley: I’m sorry, Tracee. I already DM’d you an apology but figured I’d say it IRL. Tracee: NP! I heart you, girlfriend. No boy should come between us. Riley: BFFs for evah! The entire table leans into a for-serious embrace. Tiger Beat will be in Miami, Florida next May when Formula 1 returns to the United States with the inaugural Miami Grand Prix.And be sure to check out next month’s issue featuring a pull-out poster of Haas Team Principal Guenther Steiner!

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