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Duolingo Translations for New Fantasy Football Players: Level 3

Navigating the trade deadline.

It can be hard to navigate your first foray into fantasy football. Whether you’re on Yahoo, ESPN, or some other website, use Duolingo’s new “Fantasy Football” lessons to overcome the language barrier and prepare yourself for the upcoming season.And be sure to check out Level 2: Overcoming Injuries and the Bye Weeks!Level 3: Navigating the Trade DeadlineDUO THE OWL: Translate these new phrases from Fantasy Football to English!I can’t believe the fantasy football season is halfway over.Your answer: I have lost so much sleep over something that I have a minimal financial investment in. DUO: Correct! Way to start off on the right foot!The trade deadline is an interesting time in fantasy football.Your answer: Trade deadlines are a really fun way for league members to interact with each other and overall just a really pleasant experience. DUO: Nope, that’s not it. That’s okay, we’ll circle back to it at the end!My team is one or two moves away from being the best team in the league.Your answer: Your team is one or two injuries away from being the worst team in the league.DUO: That’s absolutely correct!Everyone is playing pretty fair this season, I don’t detect any under-the-table trade agreements that could adversely impact the entire league’s outcome.Your answer: Derrick Henry got traded (he’s injured) and somehow Carl bought that new grill over the weekend he didn’t have money for last week. Coincidence?DUO: SOMEONE IS ON FIREEEEE!It looks like I need a running back, there are plenty of available options out there.Your answer: Is anyone in the NFL playing running back alive anymore?DUO: Correct-o-Mundo!!! You’re almost there!Okay, I think I have found a potential trade partner that is willing to deal with me in good faith that results in a deal that benefits both sides.Your answer: That worthless piece of shit is (probably) sleeping with your spouse behind your back and by the time this deal is over you are going to own their entire existence.DUO: WOAH, LOOK OUT PARTNER!Sometimes you have to give up a little to get back what your team needs.Your answer: Would you really miss your third child?DUO: Call me Mike Breen because BANG BANG BANG! You’re nailing this!Now let’s revisit what you missed...The trade deadline is an interesting time in fantasy football.Your answer: The fantasy football trade deadline might be more of a headache than playing actual football.DUO: Way to bounce back! You’ve officially passed Level 3!Tune in later this season when we unveil Level 4!

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