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Duolingo Translations for New Fantasy Football Players: Level One

Everybody can play fantasy football with Duo.

It can be hard to navigate your first foray into fantasy football. Whether you’re on Yahoo, ESPN, or some other website, use Duolingo’s new “Fantasy Football” lessons to overcome the language barrier and prepare yourself for the upcoming season. 

Level 1: Fantasy Football Overview

DUO THE OWL: Translate these phrases from Fantasy Football to English:Anybody can play fantasy football.Your answer: Anybody can play fantasy football, including those with no prior experience who were guilt-tripped into it at the last minute by a friend of a friend. DUO: Correct!You don’t have to watch football to play fantasy football.Your answer: You don’t HAVE to watch football to play fantasy football, you MUST watch football because now you play fantasy football.DUO: Correct! Wow, are you sure you’ve never done this before!?Fantasy football can be a great way to get to know people.Your answer: Fantasy football can be a great way to get to know people you had no prior or current intention of getting to know.DUO: BOOM! Another one right - especially if you draft live! Fantasy football isn’t addictive.Your answer: Fantasy football is actually incredibly addictive and shouldn’t be played by those who have problems letting go.DUO: *DJ Khaled voice* ANOTHER ONE!There are a ton of experts online who are willing to help fantasy football newcomers.Your answer: I better avoid asking people on Twitter for lineup advice or I might be cyberbullied or sexually harassed.DUO: Five in a row! You’re on fire!Set your lineup once a week and don’t worry about checking it on the weekends!Your answer: Check your lineup hourly, and double that around the trade deadline.DUO: Cha-ching! It’s safe to say you’re getting the hang of this.Fantasy Football can be a free-to-play experience for all to enjoyYour answer: Everything is more fun with money.DUO: Come on now, this is getting ridiculous! You haven’t missed yet. Fantasy football is fun.Your answer: Fantasy football will bring actual fulfillment and positive energy to your life on a daily basis.DUO: Oooh, close, but no cigar. You should have answered, “My life will be consumed by fantasy football and things wildly out of my control yet will be spent logging countless hours on the internet and forming unhealthy rivalries with other team members in my league.”

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