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  • Duolingo Translations for New Fantasy Football Players: Level 4

Duolingo Translations for New Fantasy Football Players: Level 4

The last lesson.

It can be hard to navigate your first foray into fantasy football. Whether you’re on Yahoo, ESPN, or some other website, use Duolingo’s new “Fantasy Football” lessons to overcome the language barrier and prepare yourself for the upcoming season.Level 4 is intended for those who have managed to make their league’s playoffs. For those of you that didn’t, refer to previous levels in preparation for next season.Level 4: The PlayoffsDUO THE OWL: Translate these new phrases from Fantasy Football to English!It’s playoff time in fantasy football!Your answer: I was lucky as heck to get into the playoffs. No matter what happens, I had a lot of fun this season!DUO: Bummer, that’s not what we were looking for. No worries, we will circle back to it at the end!My team is hitting on all cylinders at the right time.Your answer: My team has more players on the injury list than active.DUO: Now we’re talking! Let’s make it two in a row.There are probably some decent waiver wire pickups I should keep an eye on.Your answer: Even if there were some decent waiver wire pick-ups, I don’t have the FA budget to pick them up. DUO: You’re absolutely right! Boom!It’s been a pretty predictable year in the NFL and you drafted smart, so your roster depth should set you up for a deep playoff run.Your answer: The roster I drafted is nowhere close to what it represents today. My playoff placement is nothing more than a combination of sheer luck and good timing. It will be a miracle if I make it past the first round.DUO: I know this is football, but that’s another SWISH! Keep it up!My first-round opponent has a pretty good team and is a nice person, if I lose to them, I wouldn’t mind at all.Your answer: I bet I could figure out where this person parks their car at work and slash all of their tires to send a message prior to this weekend’s matchup. DUO: Split the uprights, because you’re good!The person who ends up winning the league undoubtedly deserves it.Your answer: That piece of shit doesn’t deserve a fucking thing. I won't be able to prove it, but that person 100% somehow cheated.DUO: YES! You’re almost finished!I had so much fun this season, I am DEFINITELY playing next year!Your answer: I don’t know what’s more likely at this point, me staying in this league, or swallowing a knife whole.DUO: EXACTLY the answer we were looking for! Way to go!One last thing, let’s revisit what you missed!It’s playoff time in fantasy football!Your answer: If I don’t win this fucking league my entire life is nothing more than a meaningless waste. I am less of a person and deserve nothing but sadness until my inevitable eternal damnation in the fires of Hell. DUO: BINGO!! YOU ARE READY FOR THE PLAYOFFS, BABY!

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