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Devin Booker Seeks Mystical Oracle that Predicted “Suns in Four”

How did he do that...?

PHOENIX - Suns shooting guard Devin Booker has found himself on a hero’s quest after a late night tweet Tuesday in search of a mystical oracle started making the rounds.Seen below, the Phoenix Suns superstar tweeted a photo of the man in question, asking for any lore or information regarding the mythical being, who infamously predicted the team would win its NBA Western Conference Semi-Final matchup in only four games against the Denver Nuggets.The Oracle, who managed to not only predict the Suns’ series victory, also defeated two rival Denver Oracles whose own prophecy foretold that the Nuggets would win the high stakes matchup.As the series eventually played out, it was the Phoenix Oracle whose prophecy became true, which now has led Booker to seek the prophet before the Suns’ Western Conference Finals match-up against the Utah Jazz or the Los Angeles Clippers.Those teams are deadlocked at two games a piece in their own semi-final matchup. Booker caught up with End of the Bench just before shootaround Tuesday morning, and elaborated on his intentions to find the otherworldly clairvoyant.“I saw the clip of him dueling with those dark Denver wizards shortly after game three, and I thought it was just dumb fans fighting,” Booker said. “Then I heard him utter the prophecy aloud, and all of the sudden I just knew we were going to win. I must seek his counsel before the next round.”While he’s yet to find his magic man so far, Booker has been brewing up a Playoffs MVP level performance so far, averaging just over 27 points per game. Despite the hot streak, Booker is still determined to seek out the Oracle before adventuring further into the playoffs.“I have learned this year to take wisdom from my elders and especially the all-knowing,” Booker said. “Look at what old Chris Paul has done for us, imagine what having a prophet on our bench could do.”Anybody with information or sightings of the Phoenix Oracle is encouraged to reply to Booker's tweet or contact the Phoenix Suns Public Relations department.

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