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Deshaun Watson Named 2022 NFL Preseason Offender of the Year


CLEVELAND - Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson has been named the 2022 NFL Preseason Offender of the Year, sources tell End of the Bench.

Watson earned the award after settling 23 different lawsuits with Texas women who accused him of sexual misconduct, making him one of the youngest NFL stars to ever take home the award, given to the player who best hurdles the United States legal system.

“I just want to thank the women and more importantly my legal team for putting me in a position to win this award,” Watson said when reached for comment. “I wouldn’t be here without you.”

Along with the title comes a six-week vacation that could potentially stretch out further, a subjective tradition enjoyed by many former NFL Offenders. As of now, the former Clemson Tiger will rejoin the team near the midpoint of the 2022 NFL season, something his legal team says “is what is best for Deshaun.” 

“It’s been incredibly traumatizing and physically exhausting having to sit in these courtrooms for hours on end, so the time off will be great for Deshaun,” Watson’s lawyer said in a press release. “The emotional toll this whole experience has had on him cannot be understated enough. All of this legal malarkey was brought upon him out of nowhere - unwanted and without his consent - he didn’t deserve any of it.”

Asked what he’ll do now that he’s got another trophy to add to his mantle and time off to recuperate, Watson was brief.

“Oh, I’ve got some plans,” he said over the creak of a massage table being unfolded in the background.

Browns fans will get their first look at the NFL’s newest Offender in week seven when Watson heads to Atlanta to prey upon the Falcons.

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