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Denver Offers Green Bay Wild Bronco, Draft Picks in Exchange for Aaron Rodgers


DENVER - The Denver Broncos have reportedly offered a wild bronco and two future first-round draft picks to the Green Bay Packers in exchange for All-Star quarterback Aaron Rodgers.The trade offer, which comes a week after rumors circled of Rodgers’ frustration with Green Bay during the 2021 NFL Draft, is what some are calling the “most desperate and borderline illegal transaction the league has ever seen.”Sources tell End of the Bench that the trade includes a choice of “any wild horse within the Denver area.”“Every horse, filly, mare, stallion, foal, or mustang within 50 miles of downtown is fair game,” they added. “No Colts, for obvious reasons.” After public interest in the trade rumors peaked late last week, Green Bay released the following statement:“We are excited to have Aaron Rodgers in the Green Bay Packers organization and look forward to doing so for many years to come,” the statement reads. “Besides, everybody knows that Miami offered us TWO wild Dolphins right before the draft, so we wouldn’t consider this to even be an (alleged) serious offer.”Former Denver Bronco Mark Schlereth, who won two Super Bowls over his six years as a player for the team, initially leaked the trade in an interview nearly minutes before the start of the Draft last week on the “Pat McAfee Show.”Schlereth wasn’t able to be reached for comment before the time of publishing.Whether the trade ends up coming to fruition or not, nobody is denying the trade value for high-tier quarterbacks like Rodgers has officially reached historic levels.One NFC General Manager who spoke to End of the Bench on anonymity says that the “price (for elite quarterbacks) has never been higher.”“Look at the end of the day, the first-round draft picks are nice assets, but GMs around the league are looking for ways to make deals without mortgaging their teams’ futures,” the GM said.But to the extent of offering live animals?“Yeah, that’s a head-scratcher. I mean, are they even going to be able to catch a bronco? Like doesn’t catching a bronco mean by definition the horse is no longer wild, meaning it’s not an actual bronco? Seems like a real legal grey area to get yourself caught up in.”One thing is for sure, whether Rodgers is traded for a bucking bronco, an aquatic mammal, or just a basket of first-round picks, this NFL off-season is shaping up to be...an animal.

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