Dear COVID-19 Vaccine, Nobody Believed I Would Work Either

It's okay, buddy.

Dear COVID-19 vaccinations,You don’t know me, but I just wanted to reach out and let you know...I’ve been there, buddy.Back when I first came on the scene, I was barely recognized, unless you were a factory worker or wartime soldier.Shit, I wasn’t even mandatory until 1943, more than 20 years after the league’s inception.Oh yeah, believe it or not, people would laugh at me, mock me, tell me “they had a healthy body,” that I “couldn’t make THAT much of a difference” and that what I am designed to protect against “was all just a hoax anyway.”See, in my now 75-plus years on this planet, I have learned one thing - people in our line of work, nay, just the general population, have a hard time accepting new things.We exist in a world that lives literally like there is no tomorrow, a constant grind to be bigger, faster, and better than the person next to you.So when actual reality comes along and throws up the stop sign or questions that mindset, the world will typically try and fight back.Some will come around quicker to change and fact than others, and it is important to remember that as individuals, they are no better than those who do not. Because does the protection we provide work 100% of the time? No (nothing in life does), but we help the overwhelming majority of folks we come across, and accept that some people just need that complete guarantee to be comfortable in their lives.You can plug all the evidence and scientific data in front of them, but at the end of the day, fear or just pure stubbornness will unfortunately just win out with some folks...we accept that, and we move on. ...ANYWAYS. What was I saying? Oh yeah, you can help a SHIT ton of people and still have your naysayers.Hell, just ask my friend, whose use alone can limit moderate to critical injuries by 50 percent. She STILL has people who aren’t believers all the time.Then there’s this other guy I know (who is a complete nut job) that protects some of the most sacred parts of the human body and STILL has athletes that won’t use him.Listen, I say all of this not to get you down, because I know you are already up against it as we head into the winter months (good luck).I do so just to tell you one’s going to be okay. People will come around.The same governing organization recommending you to the public that’s filled with people with more degrees than a blacktop on a hot Arizona afternoon also says that I can reduce the risk of suffering a serious or traumatic injury to the body’s most vital organ.So trust me when I say you’ve got the right people backing you here, I promise. The organization that has spent its entire existence researching and combating diseases like polio, HIV, the Swine Flu, Ebola, every STD known to man, and a bunch of other really scary shit that vaccines like yourself now protect humans against is saying that you are a good thing.That speaks volumes. You will look back on this day and laugh once everybody has had a chance to really get to know the right information.Admittedly, it can be hard to do so when the world is constantly in a tussle. Hell, when I first came on the scene, we were in the middle of a World War.And now look at me! I’ve got all kinds of variations and modifications and some folks even decorate me on game days!So take a deep breath and reflect on where we were even just a year ago, a figment of some nerd’s imagination.Now look at you...some people are saying you might just solve this fucking pandemic.I could see it!Anyways, I gotta split, but keep your chin up, know that you have a friend who will be there for you every step of the way, and above all else TRUST THE SCIENCE!Yours truly,A helmet

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