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College Football Alliance Forms, Swears To "Defeat" Galactic SEC Empire

The Rebel Alliance is asking for members.

The Big Ten, ACC, and Pac-12 are actively engaged in discussions about forming a scheduling alliance, sources close to the conversations tell CBS Sports' Dennis Dodd. The Athletic's Max Olson first reported these discussions Friday.PARK RIDGE - Big Ten, ACC, and Pac-12 officials have banded together to form what will be called the “Alliance to Restore the Republic of College Football” in an effort to combat the reign of the Galactic SEC Empire, sources tell End of the Bench.Led by Commissioners Bob “Mothma” Bowlsby (Big Ten) and George “Bail” Kliavkoff, the three conferences are banding together following the SEC Empire’s recent acquisition of Texas and Oklahoma in July.While no formal treaty has been reached, Mothma addressed reports of the forming Alliance Tuesday.“I can’t comment on anything that’s being reported across the galaxy, we have no additional information to share,” Kliavkoff said. “I’ve been in frequent contact with the other Cells and Orders to determine what next steps we can take to tackle the issues we are all currently facing and to defeat the Empire once and for all.”An Alliance between the three conferences could create some of the high-profile matchups needed to combat the sheer power the SEC Empire will bring to television, recruiting and NCAA revenue over the next decade. The move could also strengthen their footing in a college sports landscape that has seen a tremendous amount of shift over the last year, including the abolishment of the NIL rules and a return to in-person sporting events in the midst of a global pandemic. “We have only hope to restore the Old Republic of college football again, and that’s all I will add at this time,” Bowlby said in a released statement Tuesday morning.No doubt the power of the SEC Empire will be hard to overcome, and the recent rebellion hasn’t gone unnoticed by Commissioner Greg “Sheev” Sankey.“Yes, yes...let the hate for SEC football flow through you,” Sankey said.End of the Bench will update this story as it progresses.

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