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Cliff Paul Not Thrilled Brother Chris Paul Getting All This Attention

Brotherly love.

WINSTON-SALEM - Cliff Paul has had better mornings. Heck, he’s had better summers.As brother Chris Paul wakes up to a 1-0 series lead over the Milwaukee Bucks in the 2021 NBA Finals, Cliff begins another day removed from being the more successful of the two, something he’s not particularly thrilled about.“I mean cool for Chris, but how many lives did he help put back together today?” Cliff said. “Those tropical storms in Florida, how many homes is he providing supplemental flood damage coverage for right now, huh?”While admittedly not the same caliber of athlete, the eldest of the twin brothers (there’s often a lively debate about who exited the womb first), Cliff, has enjoyed a successful career as an insurance agent and television actor for State Farm for nearly a decade.“When you think of State Farm as a brand today, you think of Cliff Paul,” Deborah Mayer, an advertising strategist and columnist for Adweek says. “In an era when every other big brand goes for the star athletes, State Farm went for the common man, someone recognizable and relatable. It was genius”What has followed is a series of successful television commercials and a spotlight that Cliff has held for quite some time, while younger brother Chris has missed out on the chance to win his first NBA championship (and the spotlight back from his older brother) for years.That spotlight has quickly faded the last few months, however, as Chris now has a young Phoenix Suns team in its first NBA Finals since 1993, just three wins away from the franchise’s first NBA championship.“Of course, I am happy for him, it’s just annoying because I am in the middle of hurricane season where it’s like, my time to shine or whatever, but of course, Chris just has to make it all about him,” Cliff said. “So annoying.”Chris and the rest of the Suns will look to extend the series lead against the Bucks on Thursday night before the series heads back for two games in Milwaukee.As to whether his older brother will be watching him play?“Eat my shorts,” Cliff said.

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