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Businesswoman Gisele Bundchen's Husband Reportedly Quits His Job

What a loser.

Multi-millionaire businesswoman and fashion model Gisele Bundchen's football-playing husband Tom announced yesterday that he is quitting his job. 

While this comes as a disappointment to his sports fans, Bundchen's family need not worry about how they will pay the bills - as she was the highest-paid model in the world from 2002 to 2017 and has a net worth estimated at over $400 million. 

During that period, husband Tom enjoyed his free time playing football, winning six trophies with a northeast-based US football team before winning another in Florida, all while amassing a net worth estimated at nearly $250 million.  

Not bad for the hubby of someone many consider to be the best of all time (BOAT) in her field.

Bundchen rose to fame in 1999 and met her now-retired husband on a blind date arranged by a mutual friend in 2006. The boy next door with a seductive smile quickly won her heart, proposing to her in 2008.  

Though Tom is a family man and cited spending more time with his wife and two kids as his main reason for quitting his job, he chose to keep his last name - Brady - when they married. 

He hasn’t made a public statement about his decision to do this, but this is increasingly the norm for modern men who go into relationships with their own established careers.

Although no longer the highest-paid model in the world, Bundchen still brings in over ten million dollars per year on various ventures such as endorsement agreements and book deals and should be more than able to support her husband in retirement. 

And Tom will probably be able to pitch in some too - this All-American beefcake’s recent trip down south to work for another football team over the past two years, should provide him with other opportunities down the line. 

While this is the end of an era for Bundchen’s family, and sports fans in one or two major US cities, there is no doubt that the fashion and business worlds look forward to seeing what Gisele and her husband do next.

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