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Businesswoman Gisele Bundchen’s Husband Reportedly Asks for His Job Back

What a loser.

TAMPA BAY - Six weeks to the day after announcing that he quit his job, Mr. Gisele Bundchen seems to be regretting that decision. 

The businesswoman and supermodel’s husband took to Twitter Sunday night to publicly ask for his most recent job back, a surprising move for a man whose wife has a net worth almost double his and could easily support him in retirement.

This reversal is also unexpected given that Bundchen’s husband, Tom Brady, expressed certainty at the time of his February announcement that he would not return to his position at a Florida-based football team in the fall. 

However, the situation may not be as surprising as the female-dominated world of sports would have one think. 

“Men are often guided by their emotions and have trouble making up their minds,” explained sports psychologist Dr. Amanda Smith, “so this scenario is actually quite consistent with research on the male brain.”

Brady’s initial decision came amid increasing speculation that his job was causing strain to his marriage and family life, a relatable position for many American husbands and fathers. 

Studies have found that men are often disappointed to realize they must sacrifice a growing career for fatherhood, despite being told that they could “have it all.” 

Bundchen is known to have been largely supportive of her husband’s passion project, but was recently rumored to be concerned that it was interfering with his fatherly responsibilities.

In addition to reservations about how he can balance his work and family life, sports analysts have expressed concern that returning to work at age 45 may be an uphill battle for Brady. 

While Bundchen saw the modeling portion of her career soar as she entered her thirties, as is often the case for women in the beauty and entertainment industry, her husband experienced the well-known double standard for aging men, being judged by his capabilities and track-record and making more and more money as he got older.


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